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9860 Fairfax Sq, Fairfax, VA 22031
$1,647 - $3,713 | 1 - 3 Beds

(703) 436-1438

Updated 1 day ago
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9555 Blake Ln, Fairfax, VA 22031
$1,300 - $1,640 | 1 - 2 Beds

(703) 259-8124

Updated 1 week ago
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3347 Willow Crescent Dr, Fairfax, VA 22030
$1,545 - $2,210 | 1 - 3 Beds

(703) 496-4421

Updated 2 weeks ago
11100 Cavalier Ct, Fairfax, VA 22030
$1,390 - $1,950 | 1 - 3 Beds

(703) 259-8084

Updated 1 day ago
10320 Layton Hall Dr, Fairfax, VA 22030
$1,250 | 1 - 3 Beds

(703) 659-9252

Updated 1 day ago
3223 Arrowhead Cir, Fairfax, VA 22030
$1,435 - $2,025 | 1 - 2 Beds

(864) 416-7897

Updated 2 weeks ago
Fairfax Square
9335 Lee Hwy, Fairfax, VA 22031
$1,275 - $2,941 | 1 - 3 Beds

(844) 396-7184

Updated 1 day ago
3700 Jermantown Rd, Fairfax, VA 22030
$1,327 - $2,482 | 1 - 3 Beds

(703) 636-9042

Updated 1 day ago
10805 Harvey Dr, Fairfax, VA 22030
$1,325 - $1,550 | 1 - 2 Beds

(703) 259-8711

Updated 1 week ago
3086 Waterloo Ln, Fairfax, VA 22031
$2,695 | 3 Beds | Townhome for Rent
Updated 3 days ago
3179 Welby Ct, Fairfax, VA 22031
$725 | 3 Beds | Townhome for Rent
Updated 1 week ago
11100 Rock Garden Dr, Fairfax, VA 22030
$1,557 - $2,240 | 2 - 3 Beds
Updated 1 day ago
10608-E Kitty Pozer Dr, Fairfax, VA 22030
$1,760 - $1,816 | 1 - 2 Beds
Updated 1 day ago
10411 Fairfax Village Dr, Fairfax, VA 22030
$1,700 | 2 Beds
Updated 2 weeks ago
11100 Church St, Fairfax, VA 22030
$1,957 - $2,167 | 3 Beds
Updated 2 weeks ago


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Fairfax, VA Apartments for Rent

The city of Fairfax, Virginia has a rich history, settled in the 1700s, plus they are all on-the-go for going green. The city takes pride in its cleanliness with regular pickups of home-recycled items from all over the city. If you mean business with a mop, you’ll love living in the sparkling city of Fairfax! Your new apartment in Fairfax will be surrounded by beautiful and well-maintained facilities, unique food, and welcoming residents.

Fishing is an important part of life in Fairfax. The lakes and ponds are clean, you can guarantee that. After moving to Fairfax, take some time to find out why fishing is such a beloved pastime here. Maybe you will become a fisherman as well as a new resident of Fairfax!

Things to Do in Fairfax:

Pop some popcorn! The ArtDeco is a great place to enjoy a vibrant nightlife with family and friends. This highly-recommended theater is hard to top. What a great date-night suggestion after a hard day’s work.

Wolf Trap is a park specifically geared towards the performing arts. It is centrally located in Fairfax, which makes it convenient for you to see a play almost as soon as you step off your front porch. Wolf Trap offers a full range of entertainment, including country, jazz, folk music, opera, and theater.

Children can have fun at the games and activities Fairfax has to offer. This kid-friendly city gives a surplus of refreshments free at most events. The entertainment and inspiration will make you glad you decided to rent an apartment in Fairfax!  This city has so much to offer it is a dream come true. The fun at the Contratti Park Ball Field is majorly surreal. The park adds new games every year. The pillow toss is loads of fun for the kids and the adults. Make sure you decide on your move carefully. You don’t want to get hit by a pillow if you make the wrong decision!

Spotlight on the Arts Festival began in 1985 and it is yet another place that makes Fairfax apartments even more intriguing. This collaboration with George Mason University and the city promotes the arts and cultural opportunities. Spotlight has had a major impact on the city, to where everyone comes out for this event. Scholarships are given to multiple high school students to attend Mason and Northern Virginia Community College.

What to Consider When Moving to Fairfax:

If there is a forecast involving snow, the city will freak out and shut down completely — even if it doesn’t actually snow. Fairfax is close to Washington D.C., which makes it easy to enjoy what is on the other side of the Potomac.  The sports here are serious. Any sport, you name it, Fairfax can offer it because the participation is insurmountable and diversified — just like the food. Your taste will become spoiled! There is such a wealth of international cuisine here. Anything you want, guaranteed you will find it and enjoy. There is a rich yearning for the exquisite. Yet again, a good burger from Five Guys is never prohibited! This is where Five Guys made their starting mark, but “burger wars” will always exist.

Just 18 miles from DC, Fairfax is a beloved suburb — and with that comes traffic! The terms inner loop and outer loop are often used to refer to the Beltway. Remember: I-66 is a main road for Fairfax residents. It can be a bit of a daily patience-tester, so just make sure your mind is right when you make the move to your new apartment in Fairfax! Fairfax residents also have access to several Metro train routes with direct access to DC.

As a cautious but active city, Fairfax takes pride in its disaster-preparedness. There are free sand and sand bags for residents prior to any storms that may occur. Your safety is the number one priority, which really helps keep things calm, especially in times of crisis. Fairfax honors and protects its citizens because the city knows the residents are the heart of the city’s essence and personality.

Why Fairfax Apartments Are Hot:

Did you know that Fairfax’s name came from an English nobleman named Thomas, sixth Lord Fairfax? That’s hot! You’re on what was once King’s ground, to be quite frank!

Settled in the 1700s and incorporated in 1805, Fairfax is home to many beautiful historic buildings, including the Old Fairfax County Courthouse, built in 1800. Other buildings include the Ratcliffe-Allison House, the Old Fairfax County Jail, Historic Blenheim, and several structures located in the City of Fairfax Historic District. Guided walking tours are available in Old town, and there’s also a self-guided walking tour.

George Mason University is just south of Fairfax. This highly-acclaimed university provides the community with art, culture, and of course sports! Be sure to cheer on the NCAA Division I Patriots!

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Sweetness is a victory here in Fairfax. There is an annual two-day gala of chocolate lovers to celebrate this tasty treat! Wouldn’t you love to step outside and see a table full of chocolate delights? This event is held in Old Town Fairfax and includes art made of chocolate, the Chocolate Challenge, a craft show, and more. The Chocolate Lovers Festival – it just makes living in a Fairfax apartment that much sweeter!

Several parks surround Fairfax, so be sure to check them out! Beautiful city, county, and national parks provide opportunities for boating, fishing, horseback riding, camping, hiking, and biking. Be sure to check out Mason Neck State Park, Great Falls National Park, Manassas National Battlefield Park, and the Korean Bell Garden.

Some of the biggest stars were born here — literally!  Do you know the comedian Jason Sudekis of “Saturday Night Live?” He was born here. “Good Morning America” weather anchor, Sam Champion? Yes, he was born here, too. Laura Hillenbrand, author of “Seabiscuit,” was also born here! Living in Fairfax should give you a sense of pride and the motivation to become whatever it is that you intend to become. Fairfax is filled with stars — and you are one of them, or else you wouldn’t be drawn here in the first place!

Why Fairfax?

  • Events in Fairfax include Fairfax Civil War Day, the Chocolate Lovers Festival, and National Trails Day.
  • This is Virginia Wine Country and Fairfax County has two historic wineries for wine tours and tastings.
  • The Fairfax Farmers’ Market includes fresh local produce, baked goods, specialty items, and arts and crafts.
  • Washington, DC and its beautiful landmarks and attractions is just a short trip on the Metro away.
  • Fairfax Spotlight on the Arts is an arts festival that highlights more than 40 local artists and performers.
  • Historic Old Town Fairfax is a beautiful, pedestrian-friendly shopping and dining destination.

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