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Texas Apartments for Rent

Texas is the second largest and second most populous state in America. Measuring over 267,000 square miles in area, Texas is slightly larger than France. Vast fields, wide open spaces and friendly people characterize this unique and dynamic state.

Apartments for rent in Texas are spread throughout the diverse landscapes of the state. Houston and Dallas, which offer many Texas apartments for rent, are located in areas of prairies, grasslands and forests. The western parts of the state feature a range of panoramas that include swampland, piney woods, far-reaching plains, rugged hills, desolate deserts and the tall mountains of the Big Bend.

Many Texans maintain a fiercely independent attitude on account of their state’s remarkable size, definitive culture, conservative politics and colorful history. Known for their generosity, southern hospitality, twanging accent, and “everything’s bigger here” attitude, Texans are unique people. The cowboy image is also associated with Texas, due to the state’s history as the center of the American cattle industry.

Popular Metros and Cities in Texas