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205 Church St, New Haven, CT 06510
$1,315 - $2,895 | Studio - 2 Beds

(212) 653-8435

Updated 1 day ago
1 / 55
360 State St, New Haven, CT 06510
$1,640 - $5,267 | Studio - 3 Beds

(203) 599-4961

Updated 1 day ago
1 / 42
1245 Chapel St, New Haven, CT 06511
$1,600 - $3,000 | Studio - 2 Beds

(203) 200-7075

Updated 4 days ago
1 / 53
38 Crown St, New Haven, CT 06510
Call for Rent | 1 - 2 Beds

(203) 936-6310

Updated 1 week ago
275 Winchester Ave, New Haven, CT 06511
$1,308 - $2,992 | Studio - 2 Beds

(844) 550-4739

Updated 1 day ago
152 Temple St, New Haven, CT 06510
$1,078 - $1,899 | Studio - 2 Beds

(203) 883-0123

Updated 3 days ago
1050 State St, New Haven, CT 06511
$1,455 - $3,700 | Studio - 3 Beds

(203) 307-2413

Updated 3 days ago
227 Church St, New Haven, CT 06510
$1,795 - $3,695 | Studio - 3 Beds

(203) 684-5261

Updated 4 days ago
172 Diamond St, New Haven, CT 06515
$1,050 - $1,395 | 2 Beds

(203) 361-3039

Updated 5 days ago
954-960 Chapel St, New Haven, CT 06510
$1,275 - $1,850 | Studio - 2 Beds

(203) 936-6359

Updated 5 days ago
457 Whalley Ave, New Haven, CT 06511
$975 - $1,075 | 1 Bed

(203) 242-0114

Updated 5 days ago
283 Cooper Pl, New Haven, CT 06515
$1,100 - $1,600 | 1 - 2 Beds

(203) 361-3073

Updated 5 days ago
400 Blake St, New Haven, CT 06515
$1,235 - $2,000 | 1 - 3 Beds

(203) 584-9601

Updated 5 days ago
280 Crown St, New Haven, CT 06511
Call for Rent | 1 - 2 Beds

(203) 951-0792

Updated 1 week ago
200 Fountain St, New Haven, CT 06515
$935 - $1,467 | Studio - 2 Beds

(203) 584-9044

Updated 2 weeks ago
The Union
33 Sylvan Ave, New Haven, CT 06519
Call for Rent | 1 - 2 Beds

(203) 936-6285

Updated 1 day ago
1 Brewery Sq, New Haven, CT 06513
$1,000 - $1,610 | Studio - 3 Beds

(203) 516-4744

Updated 2 days ago
28-30 E Grand Ave, New Haven, CT 06513
$1,100 - $1,400 | 1 - 2 Beds

(475) 209-5863

Updated 3 days ago
265 College St, New Haven, CT 06510
$2,069 | Studio - 2 Beds

(203) 684-5347

Updated 3 days ago
519 East St, New Haven, CT 06511
$1,900 | 3 Beds

(203) 285-6296

Updated 6 days ago
3 Long Wharf Dr, New Haven, CT 06511
Call for Rent | Studio - 2 Beds

(203) 200-7426

Updated 1 week ago
200 College St, New Haven, CT 06510
$1,655 - $3,300 | Studio - 2 Beds

(203) 200-7385

Updated 1 week ago
109 Church St, New Haven, CT 06510
$2,450 | Studio - 2 Beds

(203) 745-2571

Updated 1 week ago
100 Temple St, New Haven, CT 06510
$2,000 - $2,500 | 1 - 3 Beds

(203) 200-7277

Updated 1 week ago
320 Ashmun St, New Haven, CT 06511
$1,400 - $1,600 | 2 Beds

(203) 285-3623

Updated 2 weeks ago


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New Haven

New Haven, CT Apartments for Rent

Yale University was established in 1701 as the third institution of higher education in the country, and eventually became the leading source of economy for New Haven. Known as “The Elm City,” New Haven is the second-largest city in Connecticut. With a total area of 20.1 square miles and a 2012 population of more than 130,000, New Haven is a very popular place for various reasons. With notable people living here, impressive education, and some pretty awesome restaurants which you’ll learn about, New Haven is great place to begin a new chapter in life.

New Haven, then known as Quinnipiac, was settled in 1638 by more than 500 Puritans in search of a better place to establish a religious community than their previous home. They were sold the land by the local Native Americans, the Quinnipiac, in exchange for protection from another tribe, the Pequots. The city was finally named New Haven in 1640, but in just six years, the city found itself economically wounded. In 1701, New Haven became the co-capital of Connecticut – maintained until 1873. The city, after the arrival of Yale College in 1716, became a hub of education.

In 1784, the city of New Haven was incorporated. Prosperity came to the city during this time period due to Eli Whitney, the inventor of the cotton gin and a Yale graduate. More economic growth came during the Civil War through industrial purchases. From the end of the war until the turn of the century, the New Haven population doubled. This population growth continued even through WWII.

Things to Do in New Haven:

There are some amazing things to do in New Haven. Whether you are moving here as a student, a professor, or a staff member for one of the local schools, or even if you have no school affiliation at all, New Haven apartments have something to offer you. You’ll love to explore the city and learning all about the attractions, museums, performing arts, sports, restaurants, and even more that is within the city limits.

The attractions in New Haven, as you might expect, have a huge educational aspect. Yale University is undoubtedly a popular place in New Haven, as it is one of the most famous Ivy League universities in the country. Built in 1638, the New Haven Green is 16 acres of privately-owned park in downtown containing three historic 19th century churches. Marsh Botanical Garden is another attraction located on the Yale campus, containing an arboretum and greenhouses. Just five miles from downtown is the Five Mile Point Light, a lighthouse constructed in 1805.

Arts and culture in New Haven are extremely extensive. Yale University Art Gallery is composed of several different buildings on the Yale campus, which house more than 185,000 pieces of art. Outside of the U.K, the Yale Center for British Art is the location of the largest, most comprehensive collection of British art from as far back as the Elizabethan period. The New Haven Ballet Company allows the upper-level students to perform and gives the residents the opportunity to view it all. See one of the brilliant productions presented by the Elm Shakespeare Company.

Whether you enjoy watching sports or you wish to play some yourself, there is a great deal of sports and recreation in New Haven. Work on some new skateboarding and inline tricks at the Edgewood Skate Park. Join one of the many softball teams and beach volleyball teams that play each year through the New Haven Parks Department. Get dirty by joining the New Haven rugby team, or just cheer them on. Catch a game, match, or meet all season long from any of the colleges and universities in the city – Albertus Magnus, New Haven, Southern, Quinnipiac, and Yale.

Restaurants in New Haven present a variety of cuisine for the city’s residents to enjoy. There are several must-eat places in the city and Pepe’s is the place for “apizza,” the famous New Haven-style pizza. Louis’ Lunch is also very famous for a casual meal, hamburgers, steak sandwiches, and hot dogs – cooked in a highly original manner. Even vegetarians can fully enjoy sushi at Miya’s Sushi as it has the largest selection of vegetarian options in the world. Union League Café offers up fine, French cuisine in a beautiful environment.

What to Consider When Moving to New Haven:

Moving to an apartment in New Haven is moving to one of the most highly educated cities in the country. Before relocating it’s important to up your knowledge of the city a bit more. There are 40 neighborhoods in New Haven; however, these neighborhoods are located in various districts of the city.

The Downtown district is located in the heart of New Haven. The original town from 1638 is the present-day downtown. This area of the city includes the New Haven Green and a large portion of the Yale campus, including the university’s Art Gallery and Center for British Art. The famous Louis’ Lunch is located here as well. Being the central business district, there are many restaurants, shops, government buildings, businesses, and residential areas.

The West-Central area of the city contains neighborhoods such as Dixwell and Dwight. Dixwell also contains a portion of the Yale campus, including two of its colleges, student residential areas, and the Yale Police Department. When Yale expands, it will be into this area. Dwight is one of the 22 historic districts of New Haven. This area is a combination of commercial and residential properties.

Neighborhoods such as The Hill and Long Wharf are located in the Southern area of New Haven. The Hill is actually the southwestern-most neighborhood in the city. The university’s School of Medicine and the Yale-New Haven Hospital are located in The Hill, along with residential areas. The Long Wharf neighborhood is a waterfront district which includes commercial, educational, industrial and recreational facilities.

The Western part of the city contains neighborhoods like Edgewood and Amity. Edgewood Park is another one of New Haven’s historic districts, consisting mainly of residential properties made with Queen Anne and Colonial Revival architecture. Amity is a valley, located partially in New Haven.

Neighborhoods such as East Rock and Prospect Hill are in the Northern part of the city. East Rock houses a large amount of students from the university, along with young professionals. This single neighborhood is part of three different historic districts – Whitney Avenue, Upper State Street, and Orange Street. The neighborhood known as Prospect Hill contains almost all of the Prospect Hill Historic District. This area is mostly residential and educational as it contains several of the Yale buildings.

The East-Central portion of New Haven contains neighborhoods such as Mill River and Wooster Square. Mill River is mostly an industrial area, but it also has residential areas as well. The neighborhood of Wooster Square is mostly made up of the Wooster Square Historic District. Known for being the hub of Italian culture and cuisine, the famous Pepe’s is located here. The eateries, architecture, and community feel make Wooster Square one of the most desired places to live in New Haven.

Why New Haven Apartments Are Hot:

New Haven is a city unlike any other. Not only is it home to several institutions of higher education, one of which is rather notable, but it is the birthplace of many greats and firsts. Whether it is amazing pizza or the first hamburger joint, a large collection of British art or a privately-owned park, there is nothing but greatness here. With so much in the city, New Haven apartments can’t be anything but hot.

Why New Haven?

  • New Haven is home to Yale University and the University of New Haven.
  • The Peadbody Museum of Natural History’s 11-plus million specimens.
  • Yale University Art Gallery, Artspace, and the Knights of Columbus Museum.
  • The festivals at New Haven Green, a 350-year-old National Historic Landmark.
  • East Rock Park’s amazing views and more parks perfect for hiking and biking.
  • Pubs, clubs, restaurants, bars, coffeehouses, cafes, and other nightlife hotspots.

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