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1798 Washington St, Dubuque, IA 52001
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3600 Pennsylvania Ave, Dubuque, IA 52002
$1,095 | 2 Beds
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Dubuque, IA Apartments for Rent

Nicknamed the “Masterpiece on the Mississippi,” Dubuque is located on the Iowa border, along the Mississippi River. In fact, Dubuque is uniquely located at the junction of Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin. With such a location, the city is a hub for education, culture, and more. With a total area of 31.22 square miles and a 2013 population of more than 58,000, Dubuque is the tenth-largest city in Iowa.

In 1785, Julien Dubuque became the first, permanent settler to the area that would become this fine city. Three years after settling in the area, Dubuque was allowed to mine the area for lead. In 1803 the land went under U.S. control. After Dubuque died in 1810, new settlers continued to arrive due to the wealth of lead in the area. While the Iowa Territory was not designated until 1838, Dubuque was chartered in 1833.  While lead was the driving factor for new arrivals, this same factor soon faded away, causing the city’s economy to shift focus to various other industries including timber and millworking.

Between the years of 1860 and 1880, the city of Dubuque was one of the 100 largest cities in the country. While heavy industry was a major focus for the city’s economy, in the 1990s that changed. Nowadays, the leading industries in Dubuque’s economy are tourism, technology, and publishing. Tourism is a major force in Dubuque, with more than 1,500,000 tourists a year, and that number continues to increase each year.

Things to Do in Dubuque:

As a popular tourist destination, there are many great things to do in Dubuque.  With great attractions, arts and culture, outdoor recreation, shopping, and restaurants, Dubuque has everything that a tourist — or a newcomer — to the city could ask for.

Attractions in Dubuque are fun, exciting, and educational. The National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium showcases the history of America’s rivers while highlighting the animals found in the Mississippi River and Gulf of Mexico. Adults can enjoy themselves at the Diamond Jo Casino. Everybody loves free stuff, so a free day trip to the Dubuque Arboretum and Botanical Gardens sounds like a great idea.

Nothing makes a city quite like the art and culture. Experience the beauty of Dubuque at the Dubuque Museum of Art – located downtown, showcasing various exhibits of world-class art. The Grand Opera House is a fantastic venue to watch the best of Dubuque’s performing arts. See the fun and well-produced shows that the Bell Tower Theater puts together. Hear the professional, melodic sounds of the Dubuque Symphony Orchestra.

If you love to get out and enjoy yourself in nature, then you’ll love the various recreational outlets in Dubuque. There are 49 parks in Dubuque, offering tennis courts, skate parks, disc golf, in-line hockey, softball, baseball, fishing, and trails for running, hiking and biking. Get out on the water and go canoeing on the Dubuque Water trail. Enjoy a relaxing family picnic at Heritage Pond. Heritage Trail is up to 26 miles long and offers snowmobiling and skiing during the winter. Play several rounds of golf at the Bunker Hill Golf Course, or downsize with mini golf at Derby Grange Golf.

Everyone loves a good meal; luckily the restaurants in Dubuque know how to make a good meal. For a truly unique dining experience and homemade dishes, the place to go is the historic Black Horse Inn Restaurant. Get a delicious seafood dish with a view of the Mississippi at Catfish Charlie’s. The best sushi and steakhouse combination in Dubuque can only be found at Ichiban. Satisfy your sweet tooth cravings with a cupcake at Candle Ready Cakes.

What to Consider When Moving to Dubuque:

When moving to an apartment in Dubuque you have to know more than just the attractions and restaurants. The factors that should be considered in any new city are economy, climate, school systems, higher education, annual events, and military presence. In terms of Dubuque, it is a really good idea to look at the various districts in the city to determine which one would be best for you to live in. There are four different districts in Dubuque – Downtown, North End, South End, and West End.

The Downtown district is the central business district of Dubuque. Aside from business, this district is also the center of transportation and culture for the city. There are several neighborhoods that make up this district – Cable Car Square/Cathedral Square, Central Business District, Jackson Park/Upper Main, Lower Main, and the Warehouse District. All of these neighborhoods have their own story and personality.

The North End district was originally settled by working-class German immigrants. Wanting an area of the city all their own, the German-Americans established German Catholic churches. Today, the district is still strong in its working-class roots. There are two main hills and two main valleys that make up the area, while also being the location of two of the city’s main cemeteries.

The South End district is pretty much the Irish-American version of the North End, so much so that it is locally known as “little Dublin.” Today, there is still a strong Irish heritage present in this district with Irish restaurants and stores, as well as several Irish Catholic churches. While the North End has more of an urban feel, the neighborhoods in the South End are described as being spacious and more suburban.

The West End district, settled after WWII, is a large suburban area of the city. This area began expanding as Deer & Company financed the construction of homes for its workers, which led to the construction of retail centers and more amenities. While the West End already contains the bulk of the largest schools, industrial parks, and shopping centers, as well as many middle-class neighborhoods, the district continues to expand today.

Why Dubuque Apartments Are Hot:

Dubuque apartments are located in a city filled with life and excitement. Dubuque has its own flair and personality that can’t be matched anywhere else. All the brick-faced structures throughout the city combined with the amazing attractions, arts and culture, outdoor recreation, restaurants, and more make Dubuque a unique city to love. Regardless of which part of the city you choose to lay your head, apartments in Dubuque are sure to provide all you need in a home, while the city provides the rest.

Why Dubuque?

  • Exploring the beautiful and mysterious Crystal Lake Cave, discovered in 1868 by miners looking for lead.
  • Visiting the vast National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium, featuring the Mississippi River’s fascinating wildlife.
  • Having many unique neighborhoods to choose from, each with their own flavor, from South End to downtown.
  • Enjoying Dubuque’s strong economy with many major companies headquartered here, including Prudential Financial, Hormel, and Deere and Company.
  • Floating down the lazy river, strolling along the Mississippi Riverwalk, and shooting down the tube slide at Grand Harbor Resort and Waterpark.
  • Nightlife and entertainment of all types, including casinos such as Mystique and Diamond Jo and fine arts at the Grand Opera House and Dubuque Symphony Orchestra.

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