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600 W Mill St, Carbondale, IL 62901
$590 | 1 Bed

(618) 319-7682

Updated 1 day ago
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6113 Giant City Rd, Carbondale, IL 62902
Call for Rent | 1 - 3 Beds

(518) 419-6841

Updated 2 weeks ago
1 / 97
800 E Grand Ave, Carbondale, IL 62901
$429 - $759 | 1 - 4 Beds

(618) 319-7717

Updated 2 hours ago
1 / 32
614 E Park St, Carbondale, IL 62901
$700 - $1,005 | 2 Beds

(618) 319-7704

Updated 2 days ago
1 / 71
710 S Illinois Ave, Carbondale, IL 62901
$499 - $2,396 | 1 - 4 Beds

(618) 216-6710

Updated 2 weeks ago
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1061 E Park St, Carbondale, IL 62901
Call for Rent | 1 - 2 Beds

(618) 319-7701

Updated 2 weeks ago
1205 E Grand Ave, Carbondale, IL 62901
Call for Rent | 1 - 4 Beds

(618) 319-7785

Updated 2 weeks ago
500 W College St, Carbondale, IL 62901
Call for Rent | Studio - 6 Beds

(618) 319-7891

Updated 2 weeks ago
511 S Graham Ave, Carbondale, IL 62901
Call for Rent | Studio - 4 Beds

(618) 503-0461

Updated 2 weeks ago
600 W Freeman St, Carbondale, IL 62901
Call for Rent | Studio - 1 Bed

(618) 503-9044

Updated 2 weeks ago
501 E College St, Carbondale, IL 62901
Call for Rent | Studio - 2 Beds

(618) 503-9060

Updated 2 weeks ago
1101 E Grand Ave, Carbondale, IL 62901
$910 - $1,335 | 1 - 4 Beds

(618) 319-7667

Updated 2 weeks ago
805 E Park St, Carbondale, IL 62901
Call for Rent | 1 Bed

(844) 491-0950

Updated 2 weeks ago
405 S Graham Ave, Carbondale, IL 62901
$499 - $999 | 1 - 4 Beds

(844) 375-0119

Updated 2 weeks ago
1210 Black Diamond Dr, Carbondale, IL 62901
$720 - $1,050 | Studio - 3 Beds

(618) 319-7691

Updated 2 weeks ago
500 Saluki Blvd, Carbondale, IL 62903
Call for Rent | 2 - 4 Beds

(844) 385-8988

Updated 2 weeks ago
1195 E Walnut St, Carbondale, IL 62901
Call for Rent | Studio - 2 Beds

(618) 503-9955

Updated 2 weeks ago
The Metropolitan Apartments
1200 E Grand Ave, Carbondale, IL 62901
$740 - $1,239 | 1 - 3 Beds

(314) 480-6538

Updated 1 hour ago
611 E Park St, Carbondale, IL 62901
Call for Rent | Studio - 2 Beds

(844) 500-9693

Updated 6 days ago
711 S Wall St, Carbondale, IL 62901
$800 - $1,125 | 2 - 3 Beds

(844) 766-2691

Updated 2 weeks ago
1205 E Grand Ave, Carbondale, IL 62901
Call for Rent | 1 - 4 Beds

(855) 978-8705

Updated 2 weeks ago
2006 W Woodriver Dr, Carbondale, IL 62901
Call for Rent | 1 - 2 Beds

(618) 319-7689

Updated 2 weeks ago
Pine Shores Rentals
601 E Campus Dr, Carbondale, IL 62901
Call for Rent | 2 - 4 Beds

(844) 695-6502

Updated 2 weeks ago
Short-Term, Student
820 W Freeman St, Carbondale, IL 62901
Call for Rent | Studio - 1 Bed

(618) 319-7328

Updated 2 weeks ago
500 N Westridge Dr, Carbondale, IL 62901
Call for Rent | 1 - 3 Beds

(618) 988-0739

Updated 2 weeks ago


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Carbondale, IL Apartments for Rent

Located in the southern portion of Illinois – known as “Little Egypt” – there is a small city with big possibilities. Carbondale has a total area of 17.5 square miles and an estimated 2013 population of more than 26,000. Even with such little space, Carbondale is home to one of the nation’s best research institutions, amazing scenery, and opportunities for leisure. If you come from a big city, you’ll find that there are still plenty of things to do in a small city like Carbondale, but you’ll also get to enjoy them at a relaxing pace.

In August 1853, three men bought 360 acres of land between two proposed railroad station sites and two county seats and named it Carbondale after the large deposit of coal in the area. By the time of the Civil War, the city had become a regional center for transportation and business, while also being surrounded by agricultural development. The founding of Carbondale College – later renamed the Southern Illinois College – made the city a center for education as well. To add to this, in 1869 the Southern Illinois Normal University was founded – in 1947 it was renamed the Southern Illinois University. With the opening of this institution, Carbondale saw an increase in its population and it gained new industry.

Things to Do in Carbondale:

Believe it or not, there are lots of things to do in Carbondale. They may not be as riveting as New York City, but if you wanted that kind of life, you wouldn’t be moving to an apartment in Carbondale anyways. Enjoy life at a steady and comfortable pace with the various festivals, arts and culture, the recreational activities, and the wineries that can all be found in and around the city.

Every year there are a number of festivals in Carbondale. In February or March, you can expect the Big Muddy Film Festival to take place. In April, celebrate with the Southern Illinois Irish Festival and the Great Cardboard Boat Regatta. During the spring and the fall, there is a free, outdoor concert series that takes place in the Town Square Pavilion called the Brown Bag Concerts. Another free, outdoor concert series takes place during the summer in various city parks and on the Southern Illinois University campus called the Sunset Concerts. In December enjoy to festivals, the Indian Celebration of Diwali and the Lights Fantastic Parade.

When it comes to arts and culture in Carbondale the city isn’t overrun with museums and art galleries, you but you will get your fill. The Carbondale Community Arts is an organization that has been serving the city since 1987, providing art exhibits, specials events, and art education to Carbondale.  The Southern Illinois Symphony Orchestra presents live orchestral music for the community and event hosts a summer event, the Southern Illinois Music Festival, which includes 40 different professional performances including ballet. The Science Center is a museum for the kids to get hands-on learning in the subject of science.

Recreation in Carbondale might be the easiest thing to come by. The Carbondale Park District provides the city with a wide variety of recreation has it maintains several parks and a pool for the city and also provides lessons and programs for a variety of interests. The recreation center at SIU is also available and has bowling, rock climbing, racquetball and more. Just five minutes outside the city is Cedar Lake where canoeing, kayaking, and fishing are permitted. Play 18 holes of golf at the Hickory Ridge Golf Course.

Did you know there are wineries in Carbondale and the surrounding area? Well now you know. Get with some friends or your significant other and plan a weekend on the Shawnee Hills Wine Trail. There are 12 wineries on this trail – Honker Hill Winery and Kite Hill Vineyards being the only two in Carbondale. Not only would you be able to taste award-winning wines, but you’ll get to take in the beautiful scenery as well. Several of these vineyards even have bed and breakfast facilities in case you wish to stay overnight.

What to Consider When Moving to Carbondale:

Just like any city you could ever think of, there are various factors that can and will affect your time while living there. When moving to a Carbondale apartment, one of the big things to consider is the education. Education is a big focus in Carbondale and it is important to do some research and see how the education in Carbondale might affect you as a resident.

Founded in 1869, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale is the flagship of the Southern Illinois University system. Aside from the Carbondale campus, included in the SIUS is SIU Edwardsville, SIU School of Medicine and SIU School of Dental Medicine. SIU Carbondale is recognized as a national, public research university which served nearly 18,000 students enrolled in 2014. The SIUS runs smoothly at the hands of all its employees – more than 7,000 making SIU the largest employer in the area.

SIU Carbondale offers more than 200 undergraduate programs, more than 60 graduate programs, and 30 doctoral programs. There are eight different colleges at SIU: Agricultural Sciences, Applied Sciences & Arts, Business, Education & Human Services, Engineering, Liberal Arts, Mass Communications & Media Arts, and Science.

Why Carbondale Apartments Are Hot:

Who would have thought that 17.5 square miles could hold such possibilities and so many things to do? As a future resident, these Carbondale apartments will be your gateway to all of these things. You and your family will love living in Carbondale and all its amenities. The beautiful, nature landscape will have you speechless every day, while the arts in the city will open your mind to new cultures. Kick back and enjoy the recreation that the city parks provide as well as the palette-pleasing wines provided by the local wineries. Choose one of these Carbondale apartments to rest your head at night, but with “Little Egypt” as your new playground, you won’t want to sleep.

Why Carbondale?

  • Carbondale is home to the top-ranked Southern Illinois University.
  • Hiking, fishing, camping, and hunting in the Shawnee National Forest.
  • A beautiful park system with ball fields, baseball diamonds, and playgrounds.
  • Golfing at Hickory Ridge Public Golf Center, a challenging 18-hole course.
  • Fishing, boating, rafting, swimming, and exploring the coves at Cedar Lake.
  • A historic downtown with shops, boutiques, and a variety of restaurants.

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